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Suzuki’s forte Tonkotsu soup uses carefully selected ingredients that are simmered over a long period time.
It does not have the unpleasant smell of pork bones, but only the richness in taste is left behind.
The noodles is carefully made from Japanese wheat and the only thin noodles compatible with the Suzuki Tonkotsu soup.
One of the other vital elements for the Suzuki ramen is the secret sauce. The perfect ratio of spiciness to sweetness further enhances the taste of our best ramen.
Pure white allows you to enjoy the original taste of our Tonkotsu soup , Cardinal red infused with the perfect spicy flavor, Jet black which has the aroma of garlic and squid ink is our newest creation.
Stimulate your palate with Suzuki’s forte Tonkotsu ramen.



2802 2016
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